A Few Tips For Buying Computer Power Cords Online


If you need to buy a new power cord for your computer, you may have found that it isn't as simple as walking into a store or going online and saying you need a power cord. Even if you have the exact model of your computer there can be a bit of confusion. You may get home to realize that your model number had two or three versions and the power cord you purchased will not fit.

17 June 2017

3 Things To Know About Retrofitting Your Refrigerated Case Doors With LED Lights


If you want your refrigerated case doors to stand out and look their best, you are going to want to retrofit them with LED lights. This is a great way to take advantage of the advances in lighting up your commercial refrigeration cases without investing in entirely new systems. Here are three need to know about retrofitting your refrigerated cases with LED lights. #1 The Cost The cost will be broken down into a few different components when you have your refrigerated cases retrofitted with LED lights.

8 May 2017

Buying The Right Computer For Gaming


Being able to connect with people from around the world as you play games online can be a great way to pass the time and develop your fine motor skills. If you are hoping to become more competitive in the online gaming community, you will need access to the right computer system. Here are three things that you should be looking for as you work with computer wholesale distributors to ensure you buy the computer best suited to meet your gaming needs.

22 April 2017

3 Features To Look For In A Smart Watch For Camping


Which smart watch you purchase depends a lot on how you intend to use it. For example, if you want to wear your watch every day, you may need to opt for a small, chic appearance that can match your work style. However, if you want to use your watch for outdoor adventures such as hiking or camping, the appearance of the watch may be less important than its technical features.

26 July 2016

Tips For Storing Programmable Logic Controller Boards


If you work in manufacturing, chances are good that you have a large number of programmable logic controllers that you use to test out possible control configurations. These programmable logic controller boards can be expensive. As a result, you want to keep the ones that you have in as good a condition as possible. This will allow you to continue using them for many years to come and not have to worry about paying for new ones.

4 February 2016

Things to Look Out for When Buying a Vintage Turntable


If you are really into music, and are looking for a throw-back alternative to the high-tech systems found in electronic stores currently, you may want to invest in a cool, vintage turntable. A true vintage or antique turntable in decent, usable condition likely will cost some money, and any price that is too good to be true likely is. Expect to pay a little more for a vintage turntable and avoid getting something that you are unhappy with or that you can't use to play your old vinyl records.

1 December 2015