Why You Need A Genie Controller In Your Home


Living in a digital world has made many activities much more convenient. Never before have people been able to delegate so many of their every day tasks to machines. This frees up time and makes it easier to live a contemporary life. However, because machines really do power most of the objects in your home this has probably complicated certain things for you as well. The various remotes are everywhere and you might find yourself losing them on a regular basis. If this sounds like your residential situation read on so you'll start to see why you need a genie controller.

A Genie Controller Is An All-In-One Device

When you think about the word "genie," what thoughts come to mind? Is it an image of a large being that shows up and says, "Your wish is my command?" What this statement means is that the genie is in control of everything and can therefore give you whatever you want.

This is a good analogy to describe the operation of a genie controller. It's an all-in-one device that lets you control all of the various devices in your house with a single remote. Want to turn on the television and record a show that's coming on? Done. Need to listen to some tunes on the stereo while you clean the house? No problem. Once you've synced all of your devices up with the genie controller you'll have the ability to quickly and easily control all of the electrical appliances in your home.

No More Remote-Gate

Trying to find the remote just before one of your favorite movies is coming on can turn your house into a war zone. Everyone is at odds because each person is pointing the finger at someone else. By the time you finally do locate the remote the movie could have already started, leaving you fuming and casting a negative light over the evening.

The genie remote typically comes with a cool feature that lets you locate the device no matter where it is. You can download an app to your phone and if you ever lose the remote simply track it by using the trail that is embedded in the application.

Using the genie remote takes the stress out of having so many electronics in your home. You can pick up one of these nifty devices at a local electronics store or shop online at one of your favorite virtual vendors. Visit a website, like      mcsindustrial.com, for more information.


31 July 2018

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