A Few Tips For Buying Computer Power Cords Online


If you need to buy a new power cord for your computer, you may have found that it isn't as simple as walking into a store or going online and saying you need a power cord. Even if you have the exact model of your computer there can be a bit of confusion. You may get home to realize that your model number had two or three versions and the power cord you purchased will not fit. This is even more so when you are trying to get a good deal on the price and are looking online. It is possible to buy one online at a discounted price that will fit your computer and last more than a week or so. In order to help you make sure this is how things go, here are a few tips.

Pictures and Video

Since this purchase is being done online, you can ask the seller to conference with you through one of the many video apps. This will allow you to see the cord completely. Ask to see the part that connects to the computer and compare it to your existing cord. You can even ask to have it connected to a computer to make sure it works, hopefully one that is the same make and model as your own.


Some power cords come with multiple tips that can be swapped out to fit int different computers. However, it is still possible that there will not be a tip for yours. While on the video call, ask to see any paperwork that comes with the cord. There should be a list of which computers will work with each tip. If not, the list should give the size and voltage for each tip. You can then look to see what size your computer needs.


You should be able to get some type of guarantee from the seller stating that if the cord will not work with your computer you can return it for a full refund. Make sure you get this in an email or some type of hard copy before completing the purchase. While it might be hard to get them to refund your money, you can be sure to leave negative feedback on the website pertaining to this.

Do not be afraid to buy computer power cords or other accessories online. However, don't just assume the first one you see will be what you are looking for. In addition to looking over the cord yourself in a video, check the feedback on the website. Of course, keep in mind that more people will take the time to complain than they will to praise. If the seller has a whole website or is listed on a large auction or selling site you can be sure they do not want negative feedback and will work hard to maintain a good reputation. If you do some research and know what you are buying, the deal should go smoothly and give you what you expected. Do you need a power cord? Check out businesses like Americord Power cords for more information. 


17 June 2017

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