3 Things To Know About Retrofitting Your Refrigerated Case Doors With LED Lights


If you want your refrigerated case doors to stand out and look their best, you are going to want to retrofit them with LED lights. This is a great way to take advantage of the advances in lighting up your commercial refrigeration cases without investing in entirely new systems. Here are three need to know about retrofitting your refrigerated cases with LED lights.

#1 The Cost

The cost will be broken down into a few different components when you have your refrigerated cases retrofitted with LED lights. Generally, most electric companies will charge a base labor rate for each case door or unit that needs to be retrofitted. This fee is for the labor that goes into retrofitting your unit. If you have an open case unit, instead of a fee per unit, you will be charged per foot for the labor.

Then, you are going to be charged for the supplies. All of these charges should be determined upfront, so there should be no surprises when it comes to the cost of installing your new lights.

#2 The Look

Second, it is important to realize the benefits of upgrading to LED lights. Many older lights use fluorescent bulbs. Florescent lighting does not light up your food in the best manner; LED lighting is warmer and can actually make your entire case look and feel brighter while also making the food inside of the case look more appealing as well.

Different lightening can change the mood and feeling of your refrigerated cases and make them go from looking outdated to looking modern and sleek. Modern and sleek lighting will help improve the overall ambiance of your store and hopefully help you move products more effectively in and out of your frozen and refrigerated food section.

#3 The Savings

Third, installing LED lights in your refrigerated cases should help you control your overall energy costs. LED lights cost less to run than fluorescent lights, which should help lower your base energy bill costs. Additionally, LED lights are designed to have a lot longer usable life than fluorescent lights, which results in less money spent on light bulbs and less money on labor to replace the light bulbs in your refrigerated units when they burn out.

LED lights in your refrigerated units will make the food look more appealing and should save you money in the long run. The cost estimates should be upfront and based on a combination of set labor charges and equipment costs. For more information about LED lighting for refrigerated cases, contact professionals like Beyond LED Technology.


8 May 2017

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