Things to Look Out for When Buying a Vintage Turntable


If you are really into music, and are looking for a throw-back alternative to the high-tech systems found in electronic stores currently, you may want to invest in a cool, vintage turntable. A true vintage or antique turntable in decent, usable condition likely will cost some money, and any price that is too good to be true likely is. Expect to pay a little more for a vintage turntable and avoid getting something that you are unhappy with or that you can't use to play your old vinyl records.

When buying a vintage turntable, it makes most sense to:

-          Buy in person, or from a retailer that offers a satisfaction guarantee.It may be difficult to obtain a warranty from a vendor for a vintage item, so consider this carefully before making buying decisions. 

-          Ask for a demonstration of the turntable in use, and listen carefully for any sounds or signs that it could be damaged or compromised in any way. 

-          Be wary of signs that the turntable may not have been well cared for. If you can't examine the turntable in person, be sure to ask for many different photos of the turntable, particularly any existing damage, to determine if it is worth the effort and cost.

There are some issues that could be evident in a vintage turntable that you want to be cautious of. These problems could impact the performance and longevity of your purchase. Some things that you should ask the seller about, and examine for yourself if possible, include:

-          What is the condition of the turntable's stylus?

-          When was the bearing oil last replaced or changed?

-          Are the attached cables fraying or in good condition?

-          Is the turntable's arm able to move freely about on its bearing?

-          Is the turntable's motor in good working condition?

-          If the unit has a belt, is it in decent condition? Will it need to be replaced?

-          What is the condition of the unit's chassis? Does it appear unkempt, full of dust, or damaged in any noticeable way?

-          Does the unit make any strange sounds when in use? A humming-sound from the unit may be indicative of grounding issues.

Be selective when buying a vintage turntable and ask the seller questions pertaining to the condition of the unit to avoid buying someone else's junk. Whenever possible, buy from the seller face-to-face, but if buying online or from an unfamiliar vendor, don't be afraid to request photos and a guarantee of satisfaction. This will help ensure that you are able to enjoy the retro sound of your vintage turntable with all of your favorite LPs. If possible, you may also want to boost the sound of your system with specific accessories, such as American Sound of Canada speakers. It may help you better enjoy your turntable and make the most out of the purchase.


1 December 2015

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